Southwick Dollars for Scholars Thrives on Community Support

The following is a list of the named scholarships that were awarded in recent years.  These awards are created by generous donations to Southwick Dollars for Scholars made to honor the person or organization named.  


  • Richard Atkinson Striving for Excellance Scholarship
  • Leonie Don Carlos Behar Scholarship
  • Tyler Granfield Scholarship                                 
  • Green Family Scholarships      
  • Lisa Hough scholarship for community service                      
  • Montavani Scholarship for Music      
  • Irving Perry Scholarship                                          
  • Putnam Family Scholarship   
  • Southwick Tolland Transportation Scholarships
  • John W. Scully Scholarship                                             
  • Southwick Grange Scholarship            
  • Sunshine Dental Scholarships                      
  • Ron Ward Scholarship                                
  • Save the World Scholarship
  • Greater Westfield Chamber of Commerce Scholarship
  • David Woodman Scholarships